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Discover how our premium, affordable, and professional aerial solutions can help your business.

Who We Are

We capture premium drone footage using industry-leading technology, so you can take your business to new heights.

Looking for breathtaking aerial photography and cinematography to boost your business? At SG Digital, our pilots are fully insured and Transport Canada (SFOC) compliant. We make sure to deliver incredible content that will intrigue, inspire, and captivate your audience.

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Drone Services

We offer a complete spectrum of aerial solutions for Southern Ontario’s industries and businesses.

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Generic Drones

Aerial Cinematography

Advertise your business with premium photo and video that truly captures the beauty and quality that you offer your clients.

Roofing Material Quotes

Save time and money by accurately estimating the amount of roofing material you’ll need for your next client.

Development Surveying

We can track the progress of your project, survey new areas for development and monitor changes to the landscape.

Real Estate

Selling residential or commercial real estate? Get a new perspective of the property by investing in high-resolution aerial photography.

Property Mapping

Using the latest photogrammetry technology we can get a bird’s eye view and give you a scalable look of your property.

Aerial Inspections

Fly before you climb – Get the information you need, when you need it. Know what to expect before climbing with our aerial inspection service.

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Our Solutions

A collection of our exceptional aerial footage that has helped businesses like yours reach new heights.

From high-resolution residential and commercial real estate photography to filming and producing premium content for a multimedia marketing campaign, we work closely with our clients in order to deliver final files that go above and beyond expectations.

Let’s Talk

Looking to get a price for your next aerial project? Start the conversation by using the form provided. Please include as many project details as possible in order for us to get back to you with an accurate quote.

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One of our pilots will reach out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out our social media pages and follow us to stay up to date on the latest content, promotions, and offers.


How soon can you start a project?

We are ready to deploy when our services are required and strive to start filming or photographing the same day the request comes in. We will always do our best to provide the quickest turnarounds for our clients because we know your business depends on it.

How much does it cost?

Commercial and Residential Real Estate aerial services within the Waterloo Region run between $225 and $350, depending on the deliverable required.

Roofing Material Quotes are a flat rate of $50 within the Waterloo Region.

The following types of aerial services are often unique in nature and require more specific details and expectations from a client before an accurate and competitive quote can be given:

– Aerial Cinematography
– Development Surveying
– Property Mapping
– Aerial Inspections

What kind of experience do you have?

SG Digital’s drone pilots have been flying safely since 2018, working with many different clients around Southwestern Ontario and delivering exceptional results.

Additionally, our in-house team of experienced digital designers ensures professional retouching, photo editing, and marketing material will be delivered with every aerial service provided.

Are you licensed and insured?

Our licenced operators have insured drones and Pilot’s Certificates for Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) from Transport Canada, and always follow the rules and regulations set out under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR).

What equipment do you use?

We’ve recently upgraded to DJI’s Mavic Air 2. This ultra-portable drone produces incredible 8K imagery and 4K footage for our clients, while also utilizing the latest technology and safety features, including DJI Obstacle Avoidance, Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) 3.0, 2.4/5.8GHz Dual Frequency communication, and OcuSync 2.0. 

What can I expect to receive in my deliverables?

Depending on the service you require, we will be providing you with high-quality photographs, footage, or edited video. We transfer these final products over cloud services like Google Drive, WeTransfer, or DropBox.

When can I expect my deliverables?

We strive to deliver exceptional results quickly and efficiently and guarantee a 24-hour-turnaround with the following services:

– Property Mapping
– Aerial Inspections
– Commercial & Residential Real Estate
– Roofing Material Quotes
– Development Surveying

Other projects require more time and we will work closely with our clients to set expectations and create a workback schedule they can rely on. 

Do you operate outside of the Waterloo Region?

SG Digital is excited to work with clients outside of the Waterloo Region. Depending on where our aerial services are required, a fuel charge may be an additional cost to the project.

What time of the day will you be flying?

Each service option we provide has a specific time of day that produces the best results. For example, we often shoot real estate properties in the early morning or in the evening as the lighting is often the most beautiful during these times. If we’re conducting a roofing quote, we try to minimize shadows and shoot when the sun is directly overhead.

I need aerial services within restricted airspace, does this change anything?

Yes, if your project requires the use of a drone in controlled or restricted airspace we need a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to obtain a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada in order to fly the aircraft legally.